Anybody who claims a virgin birth is a liar, or stupud

Or wait let me get it straight; they lyed about the lineage; and all other prophecies that were fullfilled that were suppose to be fullfilled; they lied about the virgin birth; so basically anything that makes the prophecies say the Messiah was Jesus Christ is a lie to a Jew? Thee are NO MESSIANIC PROPHESIES! The Messiah is a cargo cult.

How long will you look for a sign; you adulterous and evil generation.
That sign will not be there other than jonas.. JONAS? GREEK BAD PRONOUNCIATION! It's JONAH or YONAH in Hebrew. The name means Dove and the tale is an ALLEGORY. Nobody spend time in a fishes abdomen. I'll leave it to you to find out the allegorical meaning. Suffice it to say that the Hacks who wrote the Gospels didn't realize that an Allegory is not a true tale and yet thay have jesus believing in it

I find it interesting that he mentioned Jonas; then i thought how the jews believed most of the old testament..
yet would they look at what God did with Jonas as a sign as to what Jesus did?
The Jews never saw or heard Jesus. JEsus is a hoax invented byt the Chirstians well after the destruction fo the Temple and then placed BACK in time, like an historical novel. Do you believe in Forrest Gump? I know the Lord was specifically talking to the Jews here.. it was His prophecy to go first to the jews then to the Gentiles.
I think the reason why is the Jew in the end is going to be waiting for the messiah still and will not see Him until it is too late. he once has already came and died for all sins.. The LARD in in your brainstem

Remember this if you are not a Jew: The jews were the ones that crucified Jesus Christ. And you finw stupid sir and a fucking anti-semite, and can't even read the lies in your own NT. The Romans killed him. but the Christians blamed the Jews because of rivalry. As I said Jesus ia a hoax. YOU can't kill somebody that never existed. What do you expect to hear from a Jew? They didnt believe it then; and nothing has changed.[/quote] What do you exct to hear from a Christian, just a repetition of the lies they were taught. No brains in gear.